Application Development

Yes, it's a very broad term. For the purpose of my website we will define 'Application' as an installable, standalone program that does not require web connectivity to execute but may draw information from web servers to update content or information with in the application.

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Siena's Edible Adventure

A collaboration with illustrator Gabe Askew and writer Marty Green to create a playable childrens book. Includes a programmically blended sound track and optional narration. Each page of the book is a unique experience.

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Okamoto Food Truck

Every food truck needs a contest. Eat more, Score more. See your name in lights on the side of the truck! This application displays the trucks twitter feed, coming events and a leaderboard from a custom game that is based on purchases from the truck and use of social media. All information is pulled live from Okamoto's web site and served up with flare throught this custom display hung on the side of the food truck!



more to come!